Everyone loves tea ... so we have worked with everyone.  Our events have included:

Corporate Clients

- Running breakout events for corporate retreats

- Creating a pop-up tea house for staff at a London office

- Serving traditional Japanese tea to visiting Japanese CEO and conference delegates

Small Business Clients

- Team-building tea sessions to encourage creativity for a project kick-off

- Tea flight to launch a charity fundraising drive for Go-Sober October

- Tea making workshop for tea company looking to learn about traditional tea culture


- Conducting a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and providing personalized tea ware for wedding guests

Private Clients

- Hosting tea ceremonies and tea flights in private homes and gardens

- Individual tea ceremonies for foodies and connoisseurs including restaurateurs, wine makers and hoteliers.

Educational, Cultural & Arts Events

- Tea ceremonies at the Ashmolean Museum

- Tea seminars and tastings at Oxford University colleges

- Tea workshops at festivals and exhibitions